Escuela de Motociclismo en San Francisco y San Jose

Pacific Motorcycle Training

Somos una escuela de motociclismo donde nuestros alumnos aprenden los principios básicos del motociclismo y adquieren la confianza necesaria para manejar de forma segura. Ofrecemos clases de manejo de motocicleta y motoneta en tres sucursales: una en el centro de South San Francisco, en Livermore y en Salinas. Nuestras sucursales son fáciles de encontrar y no tendrás problemas de estacionamiento.

Nuestro curso básico ha sido aprobado por el Programa de Seguridad para el Motociclista de California (CMSP), por lo que aquellos que se gradúan reciben el certificado DL389 requerido por el DMV para exentar el examen de manejo. Enseñamos lo último en técnicas de seguridad, prevención de accidentes, curveo, frenado, y cambio de velocidades.

Para Nuevos Motociclistas

Aprende los principios básicos de manejo en un ambiente controlado y seguro, y recibe el certificado requerido por el DMV para exentar tu examen de manejo. Nuestro amigable curso de manejo básico ha sido diseñado para personas sin experiencia en una motocicleta. Hasta, te prestamos el casco y la moto para que puedas aprender.

Para Motociclistas Experimentados

Conviértete en un mejor y más seguro motociclista usando tu propia moto durante nuestra Clínica de Motociclismo Intermedio. O lleva tus habilidades de curveo y evasión de accidentes al más alto nivel tomando nuestras Clínicas de Motociclismo Avanzado, enseñadas por los mejores instructores del Área de la Bahía.

"The instructors Isaac and Chris were awesome. I would recommend taking the motorcycle course with them for absolute beginners or for riders with prior experience. I appreciate the way the whole course has been put together. Be it classroom sessions or the on the range. I have learnt a lot from these fantastic people over two days. Thank you guys!"
― Mukesh Shenoy
"As a beginner rider with about 6 months of novice experience under my belt, I anticipated not learning a whole lot. I couldn't have been more wrong. The class was absolutely invaluable and anyone who intends to ride motorcycles on or off the street should take at least the introductory/beginner class. Great experience!"
― Rory Parham
"Absolutely fantastic training for the newbie!! I was riding a motorcycle by the end of the day- it was fabulous! The teachers, both in the classroom and on the range, are all very experienced (10+years) riders. They stayed calm even when I didn't. The classroom instruction is thorough but not excessive; I would have loved a few more hours on the range since I was SO new. I will definitely be taking more classes with them!"
― Kristi Swensson Burdsall
"Knowledgeable and experienced instructors provided clear guidance and instructions to new riders. Even some of the seasoned riders learned new concepts and skills."
― Art Garcia
"The instructors were extremely nice and fun, but most of all taught everything you ll need to prepare you for the skills and written test. Not a single person failed the riding test in my class. If you need any help they are always there to offer it. 10/10 would recommend to my friends I m the future!"
― Jasper Li
"Great instructors. They were firm, helpful, and clear. This was my first time on a motorcycle with more than 50CCs and my first time riding in at least 9 years but the instructors and the other students made me feel confident and excited to ride. I had a lot of fun and absolutely recommend taking the rider courses. I myself just registered to take the intermediate course later this year!"
― Gage Neumann
"Had a truly informative experience. All of the teachers are patient and more importantly, extremely knowledgeable. They want you to succeed and create an environment for you to ask as many questions as needed. I highly recommend taking basic courses here."
― Baltazar Lopez

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