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Pacific Motorcycle Training

Welcome to Pacific Motorcycle Training, with 6 great locations where you can learn everything you need to know to ride and control your motorcycle safely. Whether you are interested in learning the basics of riding a motorcycle—and getting your license endorsement—or simply improving your motorcycle skills to be safer on the road, come with us and we will provide you with the best teaching you can get in the Bay Area. We are part of the California Motorcyclist Safety Program and all of our instructors are certified to teach the Total Control Riding Clinics. Call us today and start your dream life on two wheels!

– Motorcycles and helmets are provided during our basic courses –

Get our Course Combos and save!

Basic + Intermediate
= $765

Intermediate + Advanced = $805

Triple Pack (From Basic through Advanced,
Level 1) = $1,170

Ride Like A Pro (From Basic through Advanced, Level 2) = $1,575

For New Riders

Learn the basics of riding safely in a controlled environment and receive the certificate that may waive the DMV riding skill test. Our friendly basic riding course was designed for people with zero experience on a motorcycle. We provide motorcycles and helmets for you to learn with.

For Experienced Riders

Become a better—and safer—rider using your own motorcycle with our Intermediate Riding Clinic. Or take your cornering and crash-avoidance skills to the highest level with our Advanced Riding Clinics, taught only by the best certified instructors in the Bay Area!

"Both instructors, Christine and Earl, were great. They were in sync throughout the day. They were very knowledgeable and knew how to effectively deliver constructive feedback."
― Mike Garmon
"Attended the ARC1 in San Jose. The instructors were great and the course was interesting both the "classroom" and the practical aspect. What really surprised me, was at the end of the course I didn't think I got much out of it, a few pointers maybe, but I felt like it wasn't worth the time... I was wrong!! As soon as I got on my ride home over Hwy 17, I realized very quickly that I was much more relaxed, rode faster, and yet more safely, and expended much less energy while doing so, the corners flowed with zero tension. I actually couldn't believe the transformation. I was and still am blown away. I think because the training is so much new stuff, given so quickly, that you feel like you didn't improve, but the ride home showed otherwise. Highly recommend this course. My only criticism would be that it seemed like the course was over booked. Although they divided us into 4 sub groups, it still seemed crowded and not enough practice time."
― Steven Henderson
"Bye bye bad habits I got from friends who ride and YouTube videos. Chris made learning fun! Will definitely sign up for the intermediate course! 12/10 would recommend to see if riding is for you."
― Alec Beltran Ibarra
"Great class and great instructors! Steve, Thomas, and Q, you guys were awesome! I really appreciate Q giving feedback through each exercise even if I was doing things correct! Great experience, will be back for intermediate classes in the future!"
― Markis Quiming
"A must for anyone thinking of riding. The instructors are amazing and actually care about you learning vs just trying to get you through the lesson. The exercises are useful and to the point, none of the time is wasted on anything you wouldn’t use on the road."
― Chris Wong
"This place embodies people 1st mentality! Nothing except top tier instruction and training. This is the only place I would recommend that teaches the confidence, competence and skills you can use for a lifetime."
― Matt Yockey
"The team was great! Very informative and professional. Aaron gave great direction and Mitch was accommodating should you have any questions. Dave was very knowledgeable and focused on safety. Will definitely do another class in the future, thanks to everyone. Stay safe."
― rob toole

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