Motorcycle Riding Courses for Experienced Riders

Pacific Motorcycle Training

We offer three different options for riders who want to become better and safer on the road.

For New Riders

Learn the basics of riding safely in a controlled environment and receive the certificate that may waive the DMV riding skill test. Our friendly basic riding course was designed for people with zero experience on a motorcycle. We provide motorcycles and helmets for you to learn with.

For Experienced Riders

Become a better—and safer—rider using your own motorcycle with our Intermediate Riding Clinic. Or take your cornering and crash-avoidance skills to the highest level with our Advanced Riding Clinics, taught only by the best certified instructors in the Bay Area!

"I was extremely nervous since I was a complete beginner but throughout the lessons my instructors helped me become more comfortable. I'm more knowledgeable and confident on a motorcycle thanks to my instructors."
― AlicetheTechNerd “AlicetheTechNerd” 8D
"Q and Cruise? Kurt? please correct me. They were great instructors! Also they are very cool guy. Thank you very much for what you teach us!"
― Ken Yamanokuchi
"Lisa, Aaron and George were AMAZING! Great place to learn"
― Vishruth Sunil
"Tifa, Q, and Tony were fantastic coaches with clear communication and instructions. All of the instructors had great energy and focus to help and teach. It was an excellent beginner’s course with the CMSP certification (I passed the course and received the waiver in less than a week). I'll look to take intermediate and advanced rider courses in the future after some continued practice and skills refinement. Thank you for the training, and I highly recommend PMT to all new riders. Ride safe. -RD"
― Ryan Donahue
"George and Isaac did an awesome job! Not only did they give an amazing presentation but they made sure we had tons of fun! We learned so much in such a little time but they made sure we understood concepts such as SPAT and SIPDE. I feel really comfortable with approaching turns and safety maneuvers. The classroom instructors were awesome too! Very engaging and knowledgeable!"
― Jon Perpetua
"It was a great service and education provided by them. It is very useful for beginners as well as for riders not learned motorcycle riding technics methodically. I would recommend this company for your motorcycle learning and license process"
― Vimal Niroshan Sengoden
"The experience with PMT was great. The instructors are patient and friendly. They are very knowledgeable and encouraging. They definitely show you how to be safe rider out on the road. I will recommend their classes to anyone who s interested in getting into the fun world of motorcycle riding. I completed my safety course on 1/16/2022."
― Neilson W.

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