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Pacific Motorcycle Training

Need some “me” time? So does your loved one! Give the gift of a basic motorcycle course and allow someone special in your life to earn a license and hit the open road.

If your loved one is already licensed, we also have classes for experienced riders. Smart riders know that just understanding the basics of how to operate a motorcycle is not enough. They know that it is critical to be proficient and skilled. That is why we created the “Ride Like a Pro” package.

Choose the package that is right for your loved one and give them a unique gift today!

Individual Courses

Basic Course
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Intermediate Course
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Advanced Course
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Course Packages

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Triple Pack
(Basic through Advanced, Level 1)
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Ride Like A Pro
(Basic through Advanced, Level 2)
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For New Riders

Learn the basics of riding safely in a controlled environment and receive the certificate that may waive the DMV riding skill test. Our friendly basic riding course was designed for people with zero experience on a motorcycle. We provide motorcycles and helmets for you to learn with.

For Experienced Riders

Become a better—and safer—rider using your own motorcycle with our Intermediate Riding Clinic. Or take your cornering and crash-avoidance skills to the highest level with our Advanced Riding Clinics, taught only by the best certified instructors in the Bay Area!

"Great school, I was a previous dirtbike rider. After completing this course my riding skills definitely improved. I have learned techniques and skills to be a better and safer rider. Picked up a 2008 Kawasaki ZZR600 and enjoying it and can ride with confidence thanks to the knowledgeable instructors. Would recommend PMT to any beginner or even experienced riders."
― Arro Tyri
"This was such a useful course. I used my scooter as opposed to using one of their bikes. Hole I wish I would ve had the full experience of learning manual, I still learned a lot from the material of the course itself. I recommend this Class to people with no experience as well as people with tons of experience. You ll learn a ton and have a blast doing it."
― Sarah Beatie
"Doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned rider - PMT has been taking riders to new levels of riding safety and skill for years. Instructors are patient and effective - can't recommend this crew enough!"
― Miles Riley
"Very informative and fun instructions. I completed my beginner's course on Oct 18th 2020, the instructor was super nice. Looking forward to going again for advanced course!"
― Chaitanya Modi
"I rode motorcycles more than 15 yrs, and used to be a track racer a while ago in my own country where I have a valid license. I signed up for the class to simply get a driver's license in CA, which I could not get without posessing an actual motorcycle. Recent inflation made me hesitant to purchase nice new one, and CMSP certificate also can offer some discounts for purchasing riding gears, so I just signed up utilizing my long vacation chance. Well, I knew the theoritical details well even before joining the class, but as one of pretty skilled motorcyclists, their course is absolutely professional and helpful no matter how much you are skilled or not. Terminologies, theories that instructors (Tex and Evie) taught and their applications to actual riding domain was amazingly well constructed. I was even able to find own my wrong habit during the course and got more confidence in my right side banking."
― Alex Cho
"I took the beginner course. It was a fun, informative experience! I loved my instructors, Tex, Tony, and ?Jeff?. They were all very enthusiastic and really helped me learn how to ride in a safe way. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in riding motorcycles."
― Jared Dillender (Spark)
"Wish I would had taken this course earlier In my riding career. Instructors were extremely knowledgeable and supportive. Will be returning for the more advance courses."
― Efrain Barajas

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