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Pacific Motorcycle Training

Need some “me” time? So does your loved one! Give the gift of a basic motorcycle course and allow someone special in your life to earn a license and hit the open road.

If your loved one is already licensed, we also have classes for experienced riders. Smart riders know that just understanding the basics of how to operate a motorcycle is not enough. They know that it is critical to be proficient and skilled. That is why we created the “Ride Like a Pro” package.

Choose the package that is right for your loved one and give them a unique gift today!

Individual Courses

Basic Course
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Intermediate Course
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Advanced Course
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Course Packages

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Triple Pack
(Basic through Advanced, Level 1)
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Ride Like A Pro
(Basic through Advanced, Level 2)
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For New Riders

Learn the basics of riding safely in a controlled environment and receive the certificate that may waive the DMV riding skill test. Our friendly basic riding course was designed for people with zero experience on a motorcycle. We provide motorcycles and helmets for you to learn with.

For Experienced Riders

Become a better—and safer—rider using your own motorcycle with our Intermediate Riding Clinic. Or take your cornering and crash-avoidance skills to the highest level with our Advanced Riding Clinics, taught only by the best certified instructors in the Bay Area!

"really awesome! Tony, Q, and steve 10/10 would recommend. they keep all their promises and I feel more confident to hit the streets. plus the online course before was helpful!"
― ab banks
"My experience was great with Pacific Motorcycle Training in Woodland, on the Pioneer High School campus. Thomas and Steve were the instructors and they were very knowledgeable, supportive and fostered an overall nonjudgmental environment that was conducive to learning. I had never ridden a motorcycle in my life and by the end of the course I had a lot of the foundational skills down. I would recommend this course to anyone. And extra shout out to Thomas and Steve!"
― Tyler Hart
"Took the class from Evie who was, by far, the most professional and knowledgeable instructor I’ve ever had. She’s an excellent communicator and very patient with new riders. My 17yo daughter also took the class and Evie had her riding safely in no time. We are very fortunate to have taken this fantastic course and will be safer riders thanks to Evie."
"PMT class was an amazing experience, much better curriculum and instructors than I’ve found through any of the other many classes I’ve taken. Registration was simple. Instructors delivered materials efficiently and in pretty simple terms. Thanks, guys! I’ll come back to you guys for sure when I decide on to move to intermediate and advanced classes. Highly recommend"
― Andrew Dorie
"The Beginner course is great! A lot of good safety and basic motorcycle operating procedures covered in the theory classes. PMT provides bikes for people who don't own one yet to practice with. The instructors on the course are very helpful and provide continuous feedback to correct riding posture and other nuances. I would definitely recommend taking this course for people who aren't comfortable or used to riding a motorcycle."
― Sachin Londhe
"The instructors take time to explain everything for beginners and intermediate training. They then show you how each concept is implemented on the motorcycle and learning hands on. Although I was nervous, the instructors had a lot of patience and pointed out what I needed to do to become a better rider."
― Muhi Khwaja
"I had a great experience taking the course over the weekend. It was my first time riding and Evie was so calm and confident I knew I could trust her coaching. The course itself sets you up well as a good rider and will probably take the intermediate and advanced courses in the future."
― Camille Villanueva

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